Short Films

Shortfilm: Darryn Exists 15min.
Shot on S-35mm RED One, Wellington N.Z 2010
Director: Jamie Lawrence
Director of Photography : Steffen Welsch.
Staring: Anna Kennedy, Kate McGill, Jeremy Randerson, Ginette McDonald, Jed Brophy.



Honourable Mention Award for Best  Short Film

Oscar-qualifying Nashville Film Festival, U.S.A. (2011)


Highly commended Magma Film Festival N.Z (2012)


Shortfilm: CUB 15min
Shot on S-35mm RED EPIC, Wellington N.Z 2013
Director: Jamie Lawrence,
Director of Photography: Steffen Welsch

CUB Trailer


show me shorts

Tina Cleary, winner of STARNOW BEST ACTOR for her performance in CUB at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival New Zealand 2015
Film reviewer Francesca Rudkin talks about CUB, one of her favourite films in this year’s Show Me Shorts Film Festival.

„Everything about [CUB] is meticulous and classy, from the cinematography and succinct storytelling, to the captivating
performance by Tina Cleary as a woman at a cross road in her life.“