about Steffen Welsch



Steffen Welsch is a lighting Cameraman/Director of Photography with 19 years experience in many different fields.
He has lived and worked in both Germany and New Zealand, and is fluent in both languages.
He has shot in many different locations across Europe, Asia,USA and the Pacific.
Steffen has been shooting for award winning  Documentary and Lifestyle programs,
along with over  40 TV Commercials, Music Videos and Short Films.

Winner- DARRYN EXISTS has received an Honorable Mention, runner-up to Best Narrative Short Film, at the Nashville Film Festival 2011,
one of the longest running Oscar qualifying Film Festivals in the US.


Winner– Highly commended Magma Film Festival N.Z (2012)

Steffen works with :
ARRI Amira,  Sony FS7,  RED Epic, Canon EOS 300/500, Sony F5,  Sony PDW- 700
Overview of his recent customers :

Crews Control (USA) All3Media (Munich), HL-Studios (Erlangen)Walking on the Moon (Stuttgart) Maritim Film (Munich), SMAC Media & Consulting (Munich), Fischer Appelt  (Stuttgart), Firstlight Productions (Wellington New Zealand),AV Medien (Stuttgart),  Sticky Pictures (Wellington,NZ) ,  Frontal Film (Stuttgart),  TVNZ Avalon Studios( Wellington,NZ), Red Sky Film& Video Production (Wellington, NZ), Rocket Crew (Wellington, NZ), Red Flame (Auckland,NZ) , Whitebait TV (Christchurch,NZ)